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Q: I am a scout and wants to attend a HB Køge-match. Who do I contact?

A: Send an e-mail to director of sports Per Rud; pr@hbkoge.dk. He will make sure, that you will be accreditated to the match.


Q: I'm an young football player and I think I have the potential to do well for your club. Is it possible for me to join HB Køge?

A: Feel free to send a DVD with yourself in action. Send it to HB Køge, Vordingborgvej 112C, DK-4681 Herfølge, and you might get the chance to go on trial.


Q: Who can tell me more about the youth academy and the youth teams?

A: Kurt Jakobsen is the head responsible for the youth academy. Send an e-mail to kj@hbkoge.dk. Otherwise contact director of sports Per Rud; pr@hbkoge.dk.


Q: I am interested in sponsoring HB Køge. Who can tell me more about sponsorship?

A: Feel free to contact our sales and marketing manager Jesper Lenskjold; jl@hbkoge.dk.


Q: I want to buy HB Køge merchandise. How do I do?

A: Visit our webshop, SvaneShoppen (Danish). Otherwise send an e-mail to Brit Rehder; brit@hbkoge.dk


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