Overall strategy in HB Køge A/S.


HB Køge A/S is a football club founded by the merger of Køge BK, Herfølge BK, Herfølge BK A/S and a number of other shareholders from the local area. HB Køge A/S was established on the first of july 2009, aimed to develop and run professional football.


HB Køge A/S will primarily be an umbrella for the two feeder clubs, Køge BK and Herfølge BK.


HB Køge must be developed so as to create a viable secondary club with a solid economy and a strong strategic foundation to ensure a strong grounding in both the local and regional enviroment.



Our vision is to develop a responsible and financially lucrative professional football club that develops players and coaches to Danish and international top football clubs.




HB Køge A/S vil actively engage themselves in relation to humans and the enviroment - in direct involvement with and around our club. We take a social responsibility to our own members, sponsors, audience and our guests. We behave responsibly in relation to our climate, enviroment and related factors we can influence.


On the pitch, we take responsibilty for each other and the results we shall do our best to deliver.


We will motivate both our own and our guests to take on this responsibility to take the greatest extent possible.



We provide a commited and maximum effort when we involve ourselves in activities - on and off the field.


We are commited to each other as we engage that everyone will perform well.


We will not be left with a feeling that we could have paid more when the "battle" is over.


So we've given everything.



We are developing HB Køge through competencies. Our coaches, managers and players should be fit so that the academic and behavioral acts competent in all contexts.


We need to develop talent - in balance with creating strong results.


If we do not have the necessary competencies in relation to our goals, we dedicate ourselves to them



We dare to take the first step, and we stand by our goals and what we do.


We must live up to our own expectations and ambitions, and we allways want to deliver a little more.


We dare!



We will achieve our goal - we know we must learn along the way - we must develop our competencies.


We help each other to create unique results and we will overcome the challenges we naturally are going to meet on our way.


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