Youth Academy

The vision.


- In HB Køge we are determined to educate talented and conscientious players.


- In HB Køge we will continue to identify, attract and develop young, talented players.


- The first team squad in HB Køge will consist of at least one third of players from our own youth academy and from our feeder clubs, Herfølge Boldklub and Køge Boldklub.


- HB Køge must in each year develop at least two or three players that have the potential to play in a Danish top club and preferably in HB Køge.


Overall, it is important that talent development is done in an elitist enviroment where:

- HB Køge will be known as a club playing offensive football with emphasis on skill and good technique.

- we are playing to win, but not by the neglect of fair play.

- there are individual action plans which are regularly evaluated.

- facilities are excellent and always improving.

- the coaches are well educated and pedagogically good.

- the players will help to create a HB Køge-spirit, where hard work is weighted and valued.

- the players are accustomed to participate in decision making and taking responsibility.

- where pundits are good players, and therefore education, social skills and camaraderie are weighted high.


HB Køge A/S works closely with our feeder clubs Herfølge Boldklub and Køge Boldklub around the development of regional talents.


Great focus on the development of the individual player

HB Køge wants to play with the best in Denmark, but not at any price. We are focused locally and regionally, where talented players are looking to the club. We are constantly looking on the individual players development. Therefore U/15-players are moved to U/17, U/17-players are moved to U/19, and U/19-players are moved to the senior-squad, if it is considered a benefit to the development of the individual player.


Sometimes this process could cost the results, but we are not looking for results on short-term-basis. Development of the young players is undertaken in close collaboration with the feeder clubs.


Efforts are focused on maintaining our accreditation as af DBU A-license-club. We have the well qualified coaches, players, physiotherapists and what more is required, and hopefully the licensing-system can help us to get even better in the development of young players in HB Køge.


To read more about the DBU license-system, visit (Danish).


In HB Køge it is on board-level decided, that at least one third of the players on the senior squad must be rooted in our own youth academy, and this plan works as intended in everyday life. This means that we must believe in our own young players and let them play on our first team squad.


Questions about the youth academy and the development of young players in HB Køge? Contact:

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